Within IMBUMBA Legal, our primary focus is on providing a one-stop business and legal service environment. We receive frequent requests for advisories (opinions) on various aspects of business, policy, law and regulation, as well as the drafting of contracts and regulations of a varied nature. We have established a high level of competence that is evidenced by the fact that our clients remain satisfied with our services.

IMBUMBA Legal is committed to a culture of continuous improvement in striving to achieve service excellence. It aims to be a leader, among both emergent and established legal service, in its chosen field of expertise.

IMBUMBA Legal has concentrated its efforts on satisfying the legal requirements of all its clients. Its clientele includes both large and small business enterprises, as well as a number of non-profit organisations.

Based on the Legal division’s individual and collective work ethics, we guarantee you that we can complete any instructions to the satisfaction of any client that has approached us; such work will be executed exceptionally and with quality.

The legal division employs and contracts numerous full-time and highly competent admitted Attorneys of the High Court of South Africa. These Attorneys engage in legal and business consulting, litigation and training, with specialization in the field of labour law. They have extensive experience in both CCMA and Labour Court matters.


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1. Commercial law

2. CCMA and Labour Court matters

3. Restraints of trade

4. Employment contracts and terms

5. Legal opinions

6. Contract negotiations

7. Dispute resolution

8. Labour Court and High Court litigation

9. Training on the primary labour statutes


Create an atmosphere where members of IBA businesses and other small local businesses can strive for excellence in their businesses including taking the lead in the creating new business opportunities nationally that will lead to socioeconomic benefits for the local communities. A transformed economy that is led by black owned, small, medium and large business that are seen as drivers of economic growth and job creation. Act as a voice for and represent the views of the members across the country irrespective of nationality, culture, gender, age, religion, or political affiliation. Promote the interests of businesses in all local municipal areas.

The IBA advances the interests of black business in the economy by: Foster, promote and facilitate an environment in which local business can interact and work together in collaboration for mutual benefit. To promote ethical, legal, socially conscious, and environmentally friendly business practices amongst our members. Encourage networking and information sharing amongst our members, in order to nurture business relationships. Attract investment, new business, and to support business development and entrepreneurial activity. Provide meetings and events that will provide professional development and networking opportunities for members and others. To engage and collaborate with main contractors and local government in matters which affect the development of SME’s. To engage and collaborate with business organisations elsewhere as well as other local civic organisations to enhance local conditions for economic activity.

Behave with honesty, integrity and transparency. Have a shared commitment to social and economic development in South Africa and to the broad aspirations embodied in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, African Agenda 2063 and the National Development Plan. Use the business voice to promote SA domestically and internationally. Have a shared view that black and women economic empowerment is necessary to transform and make the economy grow and create sustainable jobs. Embrace diversity and equal opportunity. Promote good governance and ethical standards. Promote the building of capacity, skill and lifelong learning. Have a willingness to change, adapt and constantly seek better options for growth. Work in partnership and collaborating with stakeholders. Embrace the market economy and responsible corporate citizenship.

Principle Driven
Democratic and Inclusive

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