frequently asked questions

1. Who joins the Business Association?

Businesses, ranging from small to large corporations and non-profit organizations, join the Imbumba Business Association for a variety of reasons. Many of the reasons include the interest of promoting the governmental climate for business in the Central Valley, expand their professional network, or have a desire to improve the community through our committees.

2. Why should my company join Imbumba Business Association?

Imbumba Business Association is the leading voice and advocate for the business community. The Business Association promotes economic opportunity, business education through our Small Business and successful business relationships throughout the region.

3. How much does it cost to join Imbumba Business Association?

Membership opportunities vary depending on the size of your business/organization. To learn more about membership contact the Imbumba Business Association at 011 575-4976 to talk to our membership team.

4. What marketing opportunities are available for members?

Members have many marketing opportunities with Imbumba Business Association.

  1. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.
  2. Display marketing materials and business cards in our lobby and website.
  3. Sponsorships at Business Association events.
  4. There are many sponsorship opportunities throughout the year.