Imperial Auto Budget Beaters

I recently had the chance to take the new Fiat Panda out for a drive, I usually don’t get excited for small entry level cars as they are all pretty much the same – an appliance. Let me explain, there is a difference between a car built with passion and a car built for purpose. No don’t get me wrong here, some time these two merge but most entry level cars and UTE vehicles are purpose built so not much effort is put into them. The car makers actually use the revenue from the cheaper cars to finance research and development for the top end cars.

The cars we petrol heads call appliances are your Toyota Yaris’s, Nissan Micras, Polo Vivos and so one. Now you are asking: What has all this got to do with an entry level Fiat? Everything. If you look at the above business model you would expect that this fiat would be dull and boring, an appliance.

Well, I drove the previous model thinking that I would not enjoy it and I was very very wrong. The previous model blew me away, the feel, the drive, the passion! Now you can understand my excitement for driving the newer more refined version of the already brilliant small car (its so good James May has one as his daily drive which parks next to a Ferrari and Bentley)

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