Iconic moments with Tebo Moema is a Soweto TV Talk show that seeks to challenge the stereotypes to transform the community to see Queer as Normative. Hosted by Rev. Tebo Moema, a 55 yes old married pastor and motivational speaker who describes himself as a revolutionary, care-free, articulate and extremely liberated pastor who preaches the Gospel of Love, Unity and  Family Support- which he terms the “The Vortex of Power ”

” I am very excited and I can’t wait for the viewers to watch as my guests share their stories of hope. These people are the Heros in our communities. The LGBTQI+ community makes up a small part of our community at large but their stories are also important. South Africans are still not well informed about the LGBTQI+ and this is an opportunity to learn a thing or two as we engage and inform them” Said Pastor Moema

The show premiers this friday the 19th March on SowetoTV at 7:00PM. We get to see Mr Moema seating in conversation with President of AC2 Vice Chairperson of Sanac Steve Letsike, as they unpack the issues around Transphobia and Homophobia. Joining them along the show is Former Ms Gay SA Zsazsa Fischer.

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