Written by Rev. Tebo Moema


February is known as the global commercial season to celebrate Love.
Now that Valentine is here again, stores are filled with endless aisles of red merchandise,
cards, chocolates, flowers and every imaginable gift suited to a commercial love.
The corporate moguls would love to have us buy into the notion that Valentine Day is the
most special day for proclaiming love and appreciation for one’s partner. Certainly, it is a
good day to do that,  but so is every other day of the year.

Perhaps the tinklets we give to our partners don’t have to be expensive.
What is higher love? is it achievable or is it chasing the wind or as elusive as a mirage in a
desolated desert? Can we put our hands on deck to achieve it?

Yes! Yes! Yes! we can and here are some tools to help you reach for a higher love.
When talking about a romantic love we need to first realize that relationships require
gratitude, support and the type of appreciation for each other that ensures that we cultivate
deeper levels of growing. One of the greatest gifts we can give to our partners is to let them
know how grateful we are to have them in our lives.

Expressing our gratitude, showing them appreciation is a powerful way to communicate our
feelings. Making sure that our partners know that we recognize all that they do for us is an
important tool for working towards a higher love vibrational frequency in our lives.

By constantly acknowledging the beauty of our partners presence in our lives, we are telling
them that:
“You contribute so much in my life.”
“You are a beautiful person.”
“I learn from you “.
“I feel supported by you.”
“I feel blessed by the way you love me.”

We also need to constantly express our gratitude for the gifts we receive and if we are
conscious we will notice that the gifts are plenty. When appreciating is paramount in love
one can find that the relationship will blossom to be more fulfilled.

A Higher Love vibrational frequency is informed and driven by inspiration. In our modern-
day rat race and day to day routine, it’s easy to forget to schedule the most important thing,
that is working on our selves. Whilst religiously writing and pasting our to-do list.
Let’s not forget to add as one of the top priorities, is to love yourself.

I am reminded of Corinthians 13: 4-7, the passage provides pragmatic tools to achieve
higher love vibrational frequency ~ ” Love has longsuffering, never vaunted itself, not puffed
up, does not behave itself unseemingly. Seeks not of its own nor easily provoked. Thinks of no evil, rejoices not in iniquity but rejoices in truth, bears all things, believes in all things, hopes in all things. Love endures forever.”

If we commit to working on creating a higher state of being, a higher vibrational frequency, we
can’t help but bring our loved ones with us. And today is the best day to start focusing on
escalating into the arena of higher love. A conscious love, a mature love, a love that allows
us to feel good about ourselves and the ones we love. – I pray that the veil of ignorance shall be removed and that you come to the light of revelation of higher love. I wish you well on your journey to enlightened love.


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