Festival Of Motoring 2021

The Corona pandemic caused the cancellation of the 2020 Festival of Motoring, but its time to make notes in your calendars and book your leave for the 26th to 29th August 2021. This is when Gauteng and South Africa’s premier motoring event, the Wesbank Festival of Motoring will be taking place at Kyalami Racetrack.

The main focus of the 2021 event will be on celebrating of the achievements of the industry, with a particular focus on innovation & aspiration for the youth of SA. As always the organisers will be making sure that visitors will be immersed in the motoring experience by being able totouch feel and drive cars on the track.

The 2021 show will include five national motorsport events. The future will be welcomed with an electrical vehicle village. The 4X4 village will be revamped and reworked. In a new addition the 2021 event will implement “The FoM Charity Drive” a social investment programme, allowing involvement from all participants.


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