Nike Launches BETRUE Live to amplify LGBTIQ voices in South Africa

In 1978, political activist and designer Gilbert Baker created, hand-dyed and hand sewed two flags with eight coloured stripes (pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and violet) to be a positive symbol that would unite gay, lesbian and transgender people. He called it the Pride Flag and debuted it that year in San Francisco.

The community loved the flag and organizers of San Francisco’s Pride Parade determined it would be a powerful look to line the entire route of the 1979 event with four colors on one side of the street and four on the other. Forty years later, the six-colour flag remains the ultimate global symbol of unity among the LGBTQIA+ community.

In 2019 the global brand Nike’s BETRUE collection featured the now iconic Pride Flag, to celebrate the diversity of the LGBTIQIA+ community. Nike SA has been quite heavily involved in the ballroom scene through its sponsorship of Le Grand Ball and Vogue nights in 2019.

“We have decided that in addition to playing a sponsor to these events, we will give voice to the queer community in SA. BETRUE is more than a product launch but a movement that aims to inspire, educate and enable the community. The power of BETRUE reminds us that we are stronger in numbers — that when we are united, we are unstoppable,” said a Nike spokesperson.

From September to December 2020, Nike will be launching BETRUE Live; the theme is simple: “we hand the swoosh to the community to drive awareness of issues facing the LGBTQI+ community.”

Each month, a host will conduct an interview with an influential guest on their own Instagram account through an IG Live session. The conversation ranges from wellness to gender equality.

The Wrap Up Report with journalist, Welcome Lishivha and Exit Editor-in-Chief, Treyvone Moo is one of the first BeTrue events taking place.

The Youtube Show provides a round-up of Pride Afrique, a digital pan-African pride taking place on Youtube and Facebook.

Watch the first episode below:

We are excited!


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