Dreams of Space

There must people who did not entertain thoughts of growing up to become astronauts, or maybe just to explore the wide-open reaches of outer space. For most of us, these thoughts were only even going to be pipe dreams, then along came Richard Branson and Elon Musk who both talked about how they wanted to make commercial space flight possible.

Just days before we celebrate the launch of Exit’s new website on the opposite side of the world in New Mexico another celebration happened. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Holdings announced the successful completion of the second test flight of SpaceShipTwo from Spaceport America at Las Cruces in New Mexico.

This was the second round of unpowered tests but conducted at speeds close to those which will be achieved in powered flight. The team tested the performance of the ship gliding from 51 000ft and reached a speed of Mach 0.85 before touching down safely on the runway at Spaceport America.

The next stage of testing will be to conduct powered flight tests and brings their goal of commercial space flights that much closer.  We are watching will bring our readers updates of progress. It looks like we are not far from being able to realize our dreams.

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